Published on 17/01/2018

New Firmos Spirulina Bread Flour

Firmos launched a new product – Spirulina Bread Flour – and revealed another of their secrets, well-guarded to this date… this surprising flour formed with high capacity to absorb water, rich in protein and antioxidants, used to produced blue bread with a pleasant taste of algae.

This new product, of innovative design and proven quality, is the result of research carried out in our experimental bakery, and generates appealing bread that simultaneously favours the consumer’s health.

Although spirulina is known as a green-bluish alga, it is a cyanobacterium, photosynthetic and rich in different nutrients that grant several benefits in terms of health and good fitness. It is normally used as a dietary supplement and a strong source of protein. Of slow digestion, it makes the body feel satisfied, reducing appetite. It helps lose weight and complement vegetable-based diets, as well as build and repair muscular tissue, reduce the risk of cancer, minimise the risk of atherosclerosis and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, fight anaemia and reinforce the immunologic system, among other known benefits.

This product is a careful reply to new market challenges in bakery and pastry, following the new trends and the expectations of many of our clients, with the quality and the characteristic flavour of Firmos products.