Satisfying our customers’ requests, wherever they are, is a constant concern and challenge for us

Closer, more effective

We have distribution facilities to ensure food security and shipment quality and ensure timely deliveries regularly. Thanks to these, we take full responsibility for the control and monitoring of the entire logistics process, to ensure the delivery of excellent products

Bulk or palletised 25kg bags

Bulk or palletised 25kg bags

We guarantee product quality and food security, both along the lines of bagging as in the cargo tanks, through modern equipment for monitoring and detecting faults / errors

Fast and effective delivery

Fast and effective delivery

By land
Through its own fleet, with box and tank vehicles (bulk products) with different capacities, which we select according to the place of unloading and the form of storage at the destination

By sea
International supplies using efficient transport infrastructures based on the use of containers (for the transport of palletised bags)

Distribution Outlets

One of our operating assumptions is to facilitate the distribution, satisfying promptly the needs of the local markets.

Believing that this is the right way to think and act, we have a network of distribution infrastructures in strategic locations, covering the Portuguese territory from north to south

  • North

  • Center

  • East

  • West

  • Lisbon

  • Alentejo

  • Algarve

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