Carrot Bread Flour

Carrot Bread Flour

110 004 625
25kg. bagging
Keep in a cool dry place
560 030 903 909

Wheat flour, dehydrated carrot powder, carrot grits, E110 dye, vital wheat gluten and bakery


Wheat and carrot compound flour, with a high capacity of water absorption. Just add water, yeast and salt to obtain carrot bread. The combination of the orange colour of the carrot and the pieces of the grits, results in a loaf of excellent appearance

Apart from normal fermentation processes, this flour is prepared to support all production processes using cold technology


Carrots have many benefits for health, being an important source of beta-carotene, transformed by the liver into A vitamin. It is very important to improve vision, healthy and shiny skin, to prevent heart diseases, cancer, anti-aging, etc.